Right now it looks like Colombia will open the borders October 1st. Panama probably October 12th.

There won’t be many bikers or other travelers on this route in the coming months.
But we have to make the trips somehow cost-effective.
So we try to pool interested persons for specific dates because we will not be able to do a lot of tours.

Possible time frames for the first tours might be:
Colombia to Panama between October 15th and October 30th.
Panama to Colombia between November 1st and November 15th.

We still don’t know what pandemic-related conditions will be in place to enter the respective countries…

If you are interested please contact Ludwig with your preferred time to travel.
He will try to find dates for the first tours that will accommodate as many people as possible.

CUBA / MEXICO plans 2021

(No PANAMA/COLOMBIA plans for 2021 so far…)

COLOMBIA to MEXICO (available)
10. JAN leaving Cartagena/Colombia
17. JAN arrival Isla Mujeres/Mexico

Tour1 (available)
23. JAN leaving Isla Mujeres/Mexico
26. JAN arrival Cienfuegos/CUBA
15. FEB leaving Cienfuegos/CUBA
18. FEB arrival Isla Mujeres/Mexico

Tour 2 (fully booked)
22. FEB leaving Isla Mujeres/Mexico
25. FEB arrival Cienfuegos/CUBA
09. MAR leaving Cienfuegos/CUBA
12. MAR arrival Isla Mujeres/Mexico

Private Tour (fully booked)
14. MAR – 09. APR

Tour 3 (available!)
18. APR leaving Isla Mujeres/Mexico
21. APR arrival Cienfuegos/CUBA
07. MAY leaving Cienfuegos/CUBA
10. MAY arrival Isla Mujeres/Mexico



It is time now for a very big “THANK YOU” to everyone who helped us in these difficult times.
We were very surprised how many people donated. In just a few days we were able to collect enough money to fill up our diesel tanks!
It is an absolutely great feeling to see that there is a community that has been building up around “Stahlratte” over the years and that we can count on so much help.
This community consists of former guests, crew-members and also friends and family.
A very big hug to everyone and we hope very much to see you all back here on the old “Stahlratte” (please not all at the same time😉 ).

We expect to resume the tours in September when Colombia will open the borders again. Before that we can’t make any money but still have to maintain the boat…
So donations are still very welcome:

English page:

Deutsche Seite:

If you prefer bank transfer:
“Verein zur Förderung der Segelschifffahrt”
IBAN: DE76 4306 0967 2005 566600
Thanks a lot 🙂


Dear STAHLRATTE friends and fans!

We are on anchor in Isla Mujeres/Mexico since 8 weeks now awaiting reopening of borders so we can travel down south and get back to work between Colombia and Panama. We are now running out of resources and it would be of very much help if we could raise some money for our expenses through the crisis to be able to pay the running costs untill we are back to a normal life. The old Steelrat is in a permanent need of repairs and maintenance and we need to get our tanks filled for the cruise back to Panama/Colombia.
Any even small donation is very appreciated!

Ludwig, Anna and little (12 weeks old now) Yosue

English page:

Deutsche Seite:

If you prefer bank transfer:
“Verein zur Förderung der Segelschifffahrt”
IBAN: DE76 4306 0967 2005 566600
Thanks a lot 🙂